Short Description

Our Hamburg office is our newest addition to the Sonderhoff & Einsel family. It is designed as a European bridge to its Asian office counterparts in Beijing and Tokyo, providing legal, research and communication services in both the European and German jurisdictions. It is therefore, to use a Japanese word, a “madoguchi” (窓口), an open window, to Asia. In an ever globalizing and increasingly demanding human resources theater, it furthermore provides both our Asian professionals with the essential opportunity of honing their understanding for foreign law and legal practice as well as their language and intercultural skills abroad, and our European professionals to have instant access to the Asian sphere without relocating their families for long years. Literally true to the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg’s nickname as “Gate to the World”, our Hamburg office is therefore one of the cornerstone elements in our office family’s mission to serve as a true bridge from Europe into the Asian world.